Collating Compost

The studio and shop are overflowing with bags of green waste, propped under work tops and purposely placed out of peripheral vision , I am responsible and I am the first to acknowledge how annoying this is.

In May I decided as a business that we could no longer live with the uncertainty of putting the mountains of green waste we produce into ‘general recycling’.

I have spent years using a company where we split our plastic waste and cardboard, but the green waste remained an anomaly in terms of being able to dispose of it responsibly on a commercial scale. I spoke with so many different recycling companies and the general consensus was that on some level biodegradable matter actually aids permeation in landfill , however I was and am still sure that as a business owner and general human you have a responsibility to fully understand where

the waste you create goes and an acknowledgement that it does not just disappear into a giant ethical recycling haven, to me personally I felt as though it made better sense to try and compost it, ultimately there probably is a counter argument for this.

Long term floristry professionals can tell you how bad this industry is for the environment, we knew it years ago, we knew it before floristry was glorified on Instagram, it’s the elephant in the room of the so called ‘ dream job’ (we also knew, it was not the dream job Instagram portrays it as, that’s for another day as always)

My dad has for a long time had a large compost heap as he cuts grass for a living and recently through his work started to work with a large scale composting machine ( it think this machine helps to break down the compost although I will have to come back to you to fully confirm the technical