From farm to vase; from hand to table;
a curation of ethical flowers and curiosities.


Our ability to maintain a capacity to coexist with our planet and its environment for years to come relies solely on the choices we each make to live sustainably (or not to). The conversations we are already accustomed to having around food and drink, fashion, packaging, and resources’ sustainability need to be translated into the language of flowers. The flowers we source and grow for you, as well as the homewares and artefacts we offer, have made their way here because they are sustainable in the way they’ve been grown, transported, made and packaged, and can bring you the same joy and beauty you’re used to – without the harm. 


When you shop local you choose to support independent businesses and individual people in your community – you’re helping us thrive despite pressure from larger corporations and in return you’re happy knowing your purchase has directly done this. When your local independent business decides to ‘shop local’ too (like we do) it means on top of this, you’re also supporting a wider local community of growers, farmers, makers, and artists in England (and occasionally the rest of the U.K. or parts of Europe). So instead of you buying flowers from a shop or company that sources it’s flowers from a market somewhere in Europe; where all those flowers have first come from thousands of miles away on other continents being flying to that market; which were grown en masse and out of season in artificial conditions under big lights and lots of nasty chemicals – we’re bringing you flowers from someone we know, who grew and cut them when the time was right, and only had to drive a couple of hours to get them here.


Making sustainability and localisation a factor when you shop anywhere means you’re making a responsible and conscious choice to buy a high quality product that hasn’t harmed people, communities or the environment on it’s journey to you. You haven’t bought into an exploitative supply chain that doesn’t care about people and our planet; but instead one that’s actively trying to support them.

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